Sloth Romper

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Sloth Romper

Sloths on navy blue, unisex style romper. These fit like shorts around the legs. Wear on its own, or with a tee/onesie/leggings underneath (suitable for year-round wear).

Snap crotch opening is optional. 

 Made to order. Estimated delivery time 2-3 weeks from order date. Individual pattern placement will vary.

Size Guide: 
3-6mo Chest: 44.5cm, Height: 60-68cm
6-9mo Chest: 45.7cm, Height: 69-72cm
9-12mo Chest: 47cm, Height: 73-78cm
12-18mo Chest: 49.5cm, Height: 79-83cm
18-24mo Chest: 52.1cm, Height: 84-88cm
2-3y Chest: 51cm, Height: 83-90cm
3-4y Chest: 53.5cm, Height: 91.5cm - 98cm
4-5y Chest: 56cm, Height: 99-106cm


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